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Coach Joseph Harris 615-933-6629

My coaching style is to motivate and encourage players to be good student athletes by practicing good habits of the 3D model.


Discipline  |  Dedication  |  Determination


Discipline: make responsible choices and unselfish sacrifices

Dedication: be willing to put work in with effort and good attitude 

Determination: having a strong will power to keep going through adversity and uncomfortable situations.


I believe these character traits goes hand to hand with sports and will polish players to be equip and proactive in today’s society.  


I am a Nashville native, who grew up enjoy playing sports like football and track. I played in youth leagues, middle school and high school sports. I teach with a purpose and passion to help students excel in their overall physical wellbeing (knowledge and skill sets). I enjoy working with the youth and spend countless hours participating in service projects in all urban communities such as charity, learning centers, toy and food drives. I have five years of coaching experience in football and track in school level competition. 

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